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Mobile Self Storage Elephant and Castle SE1

mobile storage pod se11
If you have long wished for a bit more space in your home or office, please opt for our rather superb storage Elephant and Castle. No matter how much or how little, we can help you for definite. Our brilliant SE1 mobile storage service is gaining popularity simply because it is a lot less time consuming and costly as the general, typical storage service. If you need our help, please feel free to get in touch with us whenever you have the time and we can send over our team to supply you with a container which you can load which as much stuff as you need. That’s it. So hire us now for a SE11 mobile storage unit.

Self Storage Elephant and Castle SE1

se11 self storage unit se1
Why is the Elephant and Castle self storage service so very popular? Why is that much better than a lot of SE1 storage services, you ask? Of course, you do want to know what you are buying yourself into. We can assure you that if you hire us now for SE11 storage facilities. You are guaranteed to be impressed with our services. They are always absolutely brilliant. You can deliver your belongings to your own storage unit and from there, we will keep all of your goods safe until the very day you decide to come and collect your things.

Home Storage Elephant and Castle SE1

elephant and castle storage on site se1
Storing your things couldn’t be simpler! If your home needs more space, the one and only solution is using our professional Elephant and Castle home storage service, for it is the very best service in the area. You are guaranteed a flawless SE1 domestic storage service. If you would like a cost effective service, you will definitely find it here at our company. With our SE11 mobile self storage service, you can receive the most cost effective and equally time effective service where you will be able to store as many things as you wish. You will certainly be over the moon with our services, for they are indeed the best! Get on the phone and call us up now for more information.

Business Storage Elephant and Castle SE1

industrial storage container se11
A tidy, clean and spacey office signifies a good and reputable worker. Therefore, if your office is looking far from clutter-free, it is definitely time to hire a professional expert company for Elephant and Castle business storage service. Our experts can make everything possible. So don’t fail to get in touch with us right now if you are after reputable SE1 office storage. You will receive an excellent service for definite. Rely on us for an affordable SE11 mobile self storage service. You will be blown away by the amazing results! Call us soon for all the details you need.

Student Storage Elephant and Castle SE1

Call our office right now if you are a student on a budget and seeking an affordable Elephant and Castle student storage service. We have tons of SE1 storage room if you need it and we can assure you that whatever you choose to store at our SE11 self storage unit, will remain safe the entire time it is in the unit. We take extra care to ensure your possessions are in the best hands. Feel free to hire us now and you will not be dissatisfied with the service we provide to you. We are and have forever been the best!

Secure Storage Elephant and Castle SE1

elephant and castle storage place
Our super secure storage Elephant and Castle service means you do not have to worry about the welfare of your belongings during our care. We are confident that we can keep your belongings safe. For how long you like – the period of time really does not matter – we can safely store your things in our SE1 storage facility. With our innovative security system and highly trained guards, your things are guaranteed to stay safe. After all, we want your belongings to stay safe under our care. We want them given back to you in immaculate condition. So, you clients contemplating hiring us, go ahead and give us a chance for safe SE11 storage room. You know you won’t regret hiring us.

Self Storage Units Elephant and Castle SE1

elephant and castle storage facility
It is a common problem these days that people are having less and less space in their homes and offices. Clutter seems to be everywhere and there seems to be not enough space. Sort your life out today by hiring us now for Elephant and Castle self storage units. Trust us, you will be amazed by our services. Plus, our self storage services are the best because they are extremely flexible. In our SE1 self storage unit, your goods will be in perfect condition. So use our SE11 storage space if you ever need it! Don’t hesitate at all.

Self Storage Rooms Elephant and Castle SE1

se11 personal storage se1
Unless you are the rare lucky one to have lots of room at your home or in your office, there isn’t always adequate space to keep everything you like. For this reason, why not count on us for Elephant and Castle self storage rooms and you won’t be disappointed in our excellent, truly superb services. If you are dying for SE1 self storage room, please get in contact with us right now. We are more than willing to help! We have all the possible SE11 storage space you need, if you need it, and we’re more than happy to help!

Storage Elephant and Castle

cheap self storage elephant and castle
Without a doubt, our Elephant and Castle self storage prices are certainly the best you will find. Everyone believes that professional SE1 storage services are a costly luxury. Well, they are a luxury, but they are not too costly. At least, they aren’t with us. If you need SE11 storage space, make sure you hire us now and we promise you we will not let you down. You are guaranteed to be more than impressed with our services for they are indeed the best you will find. Our prices are indeed completely affordable. You won’t have to be too much out of pocket with us.

Affordable Prices on Storage Elephant and Castle Services

If you need storage Elephant and Castle services that can fit into your budget do not hesitate to call us at any time!

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £15 £60 £180 £360
2x 35 sq ft units £30 £120 £360 £720

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

Сlients Say

Barry Ramsbottom


First-rate storage units that you can trust to be secure. Good prices too. I'd recommend Elephant and Castle Storage.

G. Brice


I was looking into hiring storage units, asked around, and was pointed in the direction of Storage Company Elephant and Castle. I was blown away when I first spoke to them. They gave me a fantastic quote, made all the right noises, and so I was happy to go ahead and rent a space with them. The booking process was straightforward, took a matter of moments, and their specialist team helped me through the process. Their level of customer service was just brilliant, made me feel a great deal better about things. I would recommend this company to anybody.

Mike Reese


The units at StorageElephantandCastle are in exceptional condition and are more affordable than others that I have used. Great facility.

Julia Grant


All the great things that this advertised, the great prices to the terrific self storage units, were completely true. Storage Company Elephant and Castle remained true to their word and they helped me secure a great deal on something that usually would have cost me more time and money.

D. Davidson


I do not regret having used the mobile self storage of Self Storage Elephant and Castle. The staff there handled me politely and kindly. Highly recommend.

Robin Smith


Storage Company Elephant and Castle supplied me with excellent storage when I wanted a place to keep some memorabilia such as old pictures, ornaments and photo albums which had been in the family for generations. I was given storage which was climate controlled which meant everything would be kept at a reasonable temperature to prevent it from getting harmed. The things were fragile and the storage was superb. It didn't cost a lot either. I have carried on renting long term as it is just the job.

Dennis Long


I thought I'd exhausted all of the self storage options around here without ever really finding anything decent. At the end of my tether, I came across Elephant and Castle Storage and I've definitely lucked out. It took a bit of a search, but they were just what I needed. Really good experts available who will give you a bit of faith, while the facilities are of a very high quality. Excellent stuff, really impressed with what they were able to do for me.

Damien J.


Excellent storage facilities. The units are clean and dry, and the premises are well maintained. Highly recommended for commercial as well as domestic storage. I was impressed with the capable staff and security arrangements at Elephant and Castle Storage Units.

Vincent C.


I needed a self storage unit over the holiday period at college and have had no problems at all with it. I would say you can depend upon Elephant and Castle Storage if you're looking for a safe place to store items over a period of time. I'm on a tight budget so believe me if I can afford their storage space anyone can. I really would check them out if I were you, top storage facility as well.

Ms E. Nelson


For all my commercial storage requirements, StorageElephantandCastle have come through for me every time. It's important for my business that this stock stays safe, and once I'd seen their different containers I knew there was no better place. Their always vigilant team are one thing I can rely on.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage Elephant and CastleLtd.
Telephone: 020 8610 9192
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 180 Union St, Elephand and Castle
Postal code: SE1 0LH
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.5038740 Longitude: -0.1003760
E-mail: office@storageelephantandcastle.co.uk
Description: Coming with a mobile storage trailer SE1 to pick up your items or you drive them yourself to our SE11 storage facility – these are the storage option our company provides in Elephant and Castle, Bankside, South Bank, Southwark, Bermondsey, Vauxhall, etc
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